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Successful 2 Year Old E-Commerce Cap Brand For Sale

Business Location: Jumeirah Lakes Towers - Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Asking Price: BUSINESS SOLD Revenue: $ 279,948 Cash Flow: $ 76,544

Business Summary

A complete hit since 2013. With the show continuing the webshop arose in 2019. Good marketing research and extensive advertising strategies ensure that our products continue to sell well. Not only will you buy a fantastic running webshop with a good salary, you will also receive our business plan to go on where we left.

We’ve accomplished a lot ever since. From an AED1.157.000 revenue in 2020 and an AED673.000 revenue in 2021 so far.

The Cap has been a fashion statement for years, worn by a big and diverse audience.
That being said, so far the peaky hat in all different colors has been our only product which means there’s room for a lot of expansion and growth within the collection. Suits, jackets, coats, shoes, name it!

We’re doing good on the socials: 5717 Facebook likes, 4510 Instagram followers and 11801 email subscribers.
We’ve ran Facebook ads only, so there’s a lot of opportunities within the online marketing expanding the ads using Google, Pinterest & Tiktok.

Complete automatized Email and SMS marketing which make the working hours very attractive. We do believe affiliate/influencer marketing could be the next step to take the brand to higher heights.
With some work done on the SEO and an amazing domain we’ve reached a great position in Google swell, to get more organic sales we would think focusing ON/OFF page SEO would work amazing for the brand aswell.

With the use of just one supplier the processing of orders and communication goes smooth and easy
Meaning worldwide shipping within 7-10 days! We also got our own branded package which looks awesome and a small gift is included. We do not maintain stock. The products are delivered directly from the supplier to customers. This is a perfect model as there is no chance of being left with stock.
The supplier is based in China.

With the amazing Q4 just around the corner and season 6 coming in February 2022 and over 12000 happy customers, this webshop is ready for its new owner.
The returning customer rate over 2020 was 7,61% and in 2021 so far 18,31%. This number is increasing by month and shows how happy our customers.

The base is set, its working as a decent cashflow but if you want, there is a lot of room for growth and expantion with caps, suits, trenchcoats always being popular.

The average order value is over the past 6 months AED166,31 and the conversion rate over the same 6 months has been 2,03%. The 5 top targeted countries are

It means there is stil many countries to explore like Australia, New-Zealand, Other European countries, south America.

Currently the business is taking 1/2 hours per day and this is mostly processing orders, customer service emails, running advertisements and posting on social media channels. At the moment there’s one freelancer taking care of customer service, processing orders and posting on the social media channels.

If wished by the new owner this freelancer would like to maintain. The current owner can also arrange someone who can take care of the marketing side of the business. This way the new owner doesn’t need to be actively involved but just operates the business by distance management.

How to grow this business:

Increasing advertising budgets
Exploring different marketing channels (Google, Pinterest, Tiktok)
Adding more items and different collections (Suits, Trenchcoats, Gloves, Shoes)
Adding Affiliate marketing/influencer marketing
Growing email & SMS Marketing
Further optimizing the website.

This business is easy to run as most of the daily tasks are atomized. For the young up and coming entrepreneur who would like to get in to e-commerce but also for the older entrepreneur who wants to know more about e-commerce. This business is also very interesting for investors who could use the business for extended cashflow.

Please contact us for more details.

Property Details

Years Established:


Other Business Details

Business Location:



With Q4, the biggest quarter of the year coming up in the next weeks this business is ready to be pushed to higher heights. Season 6 will be out early 2022 which helps this growing the business even further organically. With that information and possibilities to explore multiple advertising channels this business can grow steadily the next years. Note: Caps will always be one of the most populair fashionable accessoires. There are a few competitors, but as we're specialised in caps we have a major advantage. Our domain has a high Google ranking aswell.

Expansion Potential:

Increasing advertising budgets Exploring different marketing channels (Google, Pinterest, Tiktok) Adding more items and different collections (Suits, Trenchcoats, Gloves, Shoes) Adding Affiliate marketing/influencer marketing Growing email & SMS Marketing Further optimizing the website. Extremely good domain and Google ranking. Only Facebook advertising has been done which means that Google, Pinterest, Tiktok advertising is still unexplored. Based on a famous series which will continue. The brand will become more famous just by the series and movie continuing.

Business Operation Details


1 freelancer

Trading Hours:


Support & Training:

Up to 45 days. If new owner wants the freelancer can stay on. The current owner can arrange a marketing specialist aswell. This way the new owner doesn't need to worry about anything.


Business Relocatable

Miscellaneous Details

Reason For Selling:

Reason for selling is with many e-commerce stores and recently taking over new brand I was set to make some choices due to lack of time, as one of my other businesses need a capital injection to be able to grow more.

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